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About us

The Pride Resource Center provides programs and services to support the retention of LGBTQ+ students at Colorado State University, making sure they thrive. It also provides resources for all community members to embrace and expand understanding of sexual and romantic orientations and gender identity and expression through engaging the campus in critical learning and action towards the liberation of the wider LGBTQ+ community, particularly those who continue to face oppression based on other intersecting identities.

The Pride Resource Center seeks to serve as a connection point for students, employees and community members who seek resources regarding coming out, transitioning, healthcare, mental health, finances, housing, document/record changes, and supporting loved ones.

Passionately working to empower LGBTQ+ students, advocating for institutional change, fostering community, and celebrating the creativity, strength and diversity of our collective journey towards a more inclusive and just campus environment.

A foundation of belonging

The Pride Resource Center offers opportunities for students to build community on campus by advocating for institutional change that better supports the safety, retention, success and mental wellbeing of all LGBTQ+ students, while centering the ways in which systemic barriers disproportionately impact students based on race, culture, ethnicity, social class and other identities. We do this through meeting one-on-one with students, serving on institutional committees, supporting students’ self-advocacy, and promoting awareness initiatives.

The Pride Resource Center is committed to approaching our work of providing community building, advocacy, resources, education, and student success initiatives to the CSU community through a student-centered, intersectional, collaborative, and justice-oriented lens. This work requires care, and for us to be reflective, adaptable and open to feedback.

The LGBTQ+ community is one of great creativity, joy, strength, and diversity — and we aim to celebrate and build upon these by investing in the individual and collective wellbeing of the students we serve.

Our timeline

The Pride Resource Center has a rich history of providing programs and resources to support LGBTQ+ students at CSU. From its establishment in 1997 to its growth and impactful events over the years, the center has played a crucial role in fostering inclusivity, advocating for change, and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community.
Creation of CSU's LGBTQ+ Student Services

ASCSU and SOGLB proposed a GLBT Student Services office in 1997, leading to the creation of the LGBTQ+ Student Services at Colorado State with support from donors.

The GLBT Student Services Launches

LGBTQ+ Student Services officially opened on August 1 in the Lory Student Center's basement. After moving to the main level five years later, contacts increased by 175% due to increased visibility.

The Pride Center Name Evolves

LSC Revitalization led to the renaming of the center to the LGBTQ+ Queer Questioning and Ally Resource Center. The office moved to the SDPS neighborhood on the main level post-renovation.

Inclusivity at its Core

After community involvement in renaming discussions, CSU's GLBTQQA Resource Center was renamed the "Pride Resource Center" to be more inclusive and accessible. The process took one year.

New Student Seminar at Orientation

Pride hosted a section of CSU's New Student Success seminar for LGBTQ+ new and transfer students, helping them transition to CSU with a focus on LGBTQ+ experiences.

First Year of LGBTQ+ Mentoring Program

Pride held the first year of Rams In Q/mmunity Mentoring, the only program on campus for mentoring and student success focused on LGBTQ+ students. The program had three mentors and 15 students.

Largest Lavender Graduation Recognition

Pride held its first Winter Lavender Graduation in 2021, honoring ten graduates. The Spring Lavender Graduation recognized 50 graduating students, double the previous years' reach.

Growth of Safe Zone Program

The Pride Resource Center trained 1,302+ people in educational programming, including 837 participants in Safe Zone, a significant increase from 350-400 in previous years.

Our staff

Meet the passionate staff of the Pride Resource Center at CSU, dedicated to supporting and uplifting LGBTQ+ students with their expertise and student-centered approach.

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Maggie Hendrickson
Interim Director
As a student development professional and educator, I am dedicated to fostering inclusive communities that embrace diversity, promote meaningful relationships, and prioritize care. With a background in YMCA summer camps, I bring a passion for celebrating individuality and utilizing intentional play and creativity.
Mack relocated from Texas in May 2022, he advises students in the Community for Excellence Program. He holds a BA in Communication Sciences from Baylor and an MS in Educational Administration from Texas A&M. Passionate about student advocacy and learning, Josh enjoys volleyball, hiking, and dining out. He's excited to connect with the CSU community.
Soleil A. Gonzalez
Program Coordinator
I'm a first-generation Latinx/e student studying Psychology and Ethnic Studies, passionate about social change and education justice. I aim to obtain a Ph.D., challenge traditional roles, and create an intersecting lens to address historical trauma. Seeking opportunities for growth and experience during my upcoming gap year before continuing my education.